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Fans of the iconic 80s video game PAC-MAN will love this set of Ghost Key Covers. Ideally sized to fit most types of round headed keys, these Ghost Key Covers will brighten up your keys and make them a lot easier to find. To fit one of the Ghost Key Covers on to your key, simply unclip the silver chain and then slot your key into the cover from the top, remembering to replace the silver chain afterwards. Made from silicone rubber, these Ghost Key Covers are hard wearing and will withstand all sorts of daily wear and tear. The Ghost key Covers measure 4 cms in length and 3.5 cms in width. There are four Ghost Key Covers in the set each representing the four different coloured ghosts in the classic PAC-MAN game. In case you didn’t already know each ghost has its own name, the red one is called Blinky, the pink one, perhaps slightly unimaginatively, is called Pinky, the blue one Inky and the orange one, Clyde. Pac-Man remains the epitome of cool and these Ghost Key Covers will be much appreciated by lovers of all things retro.

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