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Do you remember the pleasures of your childhood? What toys, games, TV shows, movies, food, or other important items or events you loved?. Was it a slinky toy or a certain 'Pez' dispenser that you recall? Is your recollection a TV program like 'George of the Jungle' or 'The Jetsons' or 'Car 54 Where Are You'? Now and then do you think of just riding your bike to a store to buy your favourite chocolate bar for a dime?
  If you grew up in the 60's maybe you loved to chew 'Thrills Gum, the gum that tasted like dish soap . If your childhood was in the 70's, then maybe you loved playing 'Pac-Man', 'The Muppet Show' or even seeing that funny lady on TV, Julia Child. In those days did you dash out with your parents to Kmart to buy a 'K-Tel Record Flipper' for only $3.99. You knew if you did not get the 'Flipper', you would be out of luck and have to keep your records in a pile... never being able to find the record you wanted to play? To be a child in the 80's may have resulted in watching that best movie, Ghostbusters, or seeing those best TV shows like The Love Boat, Mr. T and the A-Team. Did you remember, that if you had thinning hair (which you probably didn't have) you could always buy 'Ronco's GLH', which was hair in a spray can?
  THE BOXED DRAGON COMPANY Sells Expertly Chosen Unique And Notable, Nostalgic Merchandise: Our first major goal is to help you to again recollect, reminisce and crystallize those wonderful past memories of childhood experiences, bringing back some of the excitement and pure joy of those carefree childhood days.

THE BOXED DRAGON COMPANY Sells Expertly Chosen, Extremely Modern-In-Design Merchandise: Our other major goal is to offer items that are skilfully selected, distinguished and illustrious in design, associated to our current times. Products chosen that say you are extraordinary in your choices.

At THE BOXED DRAGON COMPANY we provide a stimulating online shopping experience. We offer a wide range of choices like Classic, Retro, Alternate Lifestyle, Movie/TV, Comic Book Heroes, Gourmet Food, Addictive Gadgets and Replicas... just to name a few of THE DRAGON'S choices.
  Our focus is looking to the future and bringing our customers more and more better choices. In fact, if you don't see an item that you may want and think we should be selling, you can send us a request at theboxeddragon@icloud.com and we will do our very best to get you that item. Brand new or replica, of course. We do not sell used items.
  At THE BOXED DRAGON COMPANY We can also create unique choice packages for other personal events such as Birthday Parties, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Confirmations etc. through our Dragon Mystery Box Customization Program. 
Our experts in Corporate Incentive Programs and Corporate Gift Giving can help you get that special gift. We offer custom engraved items and monthly custom gift programs. Also our Dragon's Mystery Box for individuals and groups can be designed to suit your specific needs and budget. Just imagine the look on your employees faces when they get a themed Dragon Mystery Box for the first time or even one Mystery Box every month for a year. If you are having a company event with a theme (example: Movie Night, Masquerade Party, Halloween Party, etc.) we at THE BOXED DRAGON COMPANY can help create a keepsake that your employees will remember for years to come.
For more information contact theboxeddraon@icloud.com
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