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Give your pet an adventure and let them be the hero they always wanted to be! This fun Animal Adventures Pet Photobooth is a great way to capture the imagination and let your loved pets live out their wildest dreams from the comfort of their own basket. The Pet Photobox is a cardboard cube for your pet to play in and features cartoon style images on five sides with face holes for your pet to explore – providing great photo opportunities to share with friends and social media, and creating wonderful, fun filled memories. With brilliantly colourful pictures including a hula dancer, a cowboy, a Viking, a superhero and an astronaut, you can see your pet move from adventure to adventure, one minute exploring space, the next dancing in Hawaii. A great gift for pets and animal lovers both. While pets will love exploring the box, owners will enjoy watching their loved ones have so much fun. With the Pet Photobooth, it's the pet that calls the shots and chooses the adventure. The perfect gift for pet birthdays or Christmas treats, or just the latest addition to a loved pet's toy collection. The Animal Adventures Pet Photobooth is suitable for cats and small dogs. The constructed cube measures 315x315mm, or approximately 12.5x12.5in.

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