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A prop replica is a collectible recreation of a movie or television prop that is intended to accurately re-create the item as it appeared in the original media. Work on a prop replica can range from the use of resin to cast a copy of an existing item, the modification of an existing product that may have been used by a property master, and the utilization of electrical components for added functionality – such as lighting effects and sound. There are different schools of thought in the propping community as to how far film-accuracy should be carried. Some prefer to produce the prop as it would have appeared fresh from the factory, while others strive to duplicate every scratch, ding, and imperfection they can prove existed on the original prop; a technique referred to as weathering. Invisible details such as wiring and electronics do not affect the visual accuracy of the prop, as long as the effects those components are responsible for producing are identical to that of the original. Blinking lights and illuminated buttons appear everywhere from the bridge of the Enterprise to Darth Vader's belt, and attempting to faithfully reproduce the exact circuit boards and lamps is in most cases impossible or impractical. This is particularly true for older films. Similarly, mechanical effects and even the choice of materials often boils down to practicality and the purpose of the prop rather than close attention to detail. A prop designed to be worn with a costume may be constructed differently than one intended solely for display in a sealed case. This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Prop Replica" and is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License

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